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Equipment of the Ninja Turtles

A Shuriken, otherwise known as a "Throwing Star", is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing. The Turtles uses shurikens with the symbol of the Hamato Clan.
-Shuriken: Ex material, Ex Thrown Edge

The T-Phones are an invention of Donatello and the Turtles' primary means of communication when missions require them to spread out. All the T-Phones are shaped like turtle shells and have color schemes to match their users. They serve the same purpose as a typical cellphone, and are normally used for the Turtles and April to communicate over long distances.
-T-Phone: Gd material, the T-Phone allows the user access to the followingL
--Communicator: Am ability to communicate with other T-Phones
--Camera: Ex
--GPS: Am ability to track signals
--Self-Destruct: Ex, voice activate by "T-Phone, Self-Destruct"

The Tanto is a short dagger used by the Turtles. It is the smallest of the three traditional blades carried by a Samurai. The ones used by the Turtles are light, straight, and perfect for throwing.
-Tanto: Ex material, Rm Edge or Ex Thrown Edge

Smoke Bombs
Donatello's Ninja Smoke Bombs may look like just your average eggs, but they're much more. This ninja smoke bomb makes ex-egg-cuting moves as easy as one, two, poof!
-Smoke Bombs: Rm intensity, 1 area

Grappling Guns
The Turtles have used grappling hooks as well as grappling guns. The turtles use their grappling guns to infiltrate the TCRI building.
-Grappling Gun: Fires up to 3 areas, able to swing or

In order to scout the areas around them and see far distances, the Turtles use a telescope to enhance their vision.
-Telescope: Rm enhanced sight

Glass Cutter
In order to break into a building, Donatello created a glass cutter using an old protractor.
-Glass Cutter: Ty Edge, able to cut through glass

Used to take down enemies larger than themselves, the Turtles have used the taser in the past to take down Leatherhead.
-Taser: Ex Electrical, used to Stun targets

Bow and Arrows
Used for long range attacks, the Turtles utilze bows and arros to help them overcome their enemies.
-Bow: Gd material, fires up to 7 areas
-Arrows: Ex Edge

Tegaki are claws use to climb up sheer wall surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, and wood. They're sturdy and strong, but are not designed to hold up as weapons.
-Tegaki: Rm material, Ex Wall-Crawling