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The Foot Clan

In his never-ending attempts to defeat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the evil Shredder has resorted to creating a variety of deadly robots known as the Foot Soldiers. Of course, robots are blindly obedient to their creator's wishes and have no fear for their own safety. In one instance, the Shredder constructed a Giant Foot Supersoldier to do battle with the Warrior Dragon, a fight which the Warrior Dragon ultimately won when it threw it into the arms of the Statue of Liberty. The Turtles have had several major battles with the Foot Supersoldiers, but so far they have proven of no greater danger to our heroes than the regular size Foot Soldiers.

The Shredder

Typical Foot Soldier
Typical Foot Supersoldier
Giant Foot Supersoldier

Sewer Jet Ski