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General Krang

General Krang

F) Rm30/Pr4
A) Gd10/Fe2
S) Am50/Pr4
E) Am50/Gd10
R) Am50
I) In40
P) Am50

Health: 140/20 Karma: 140
Resources: Rm Pop: -20/-100 in Dimension X

Known Powers:
Utrom Physiology: Krang is an Utrom from Dimension X. His very body gives him the following abilities:
-Shrinking: (Permanent)Gd

Bio-Suit: Krang uses a bio-suit in order to move. The suit gives him the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Am protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Alter Ego: Stats change as shown above
-Wrist Blaster: In Energy or Force, 10 areas

Krang cannot move on his own. He needs his Bio-Suit to move him

Talents: Leadership, Military, Pilot, Astro-Navigation

Contacts: Stone Warriors, Baxter Stockman

Krang's Bio-Suit