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The Other

The Other

F) Am50
A) Am50
S) Mn75
E) Un100
R) Un100
I) Un100
P) Un100

Health: 275 Karma: 300
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Earth-Spirit Physiology: The Other is an Earth-Spirit. It is unknown what capabilities the Other has. It does have the following abilities:
-Immortal: The Other does not age or cannot die
-Total Memory: CL1000, the Other has knowledge of all things earthly. The Other has said that "I cannot help but know... for all history collects within me."
-Levitation: Rm
-Clairvoyance: Un range
-Linguistics: CL1000 ability to understand any language.
-Self-Sustenance: The Other has never been known to eat, drink, or be required to breathe.


Talents: History

Contacts: Other Earth-Spirits