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Master Splinter

Master Splinter

Hamato Yoshi

F) Am50
A) In40
S) Gd10
E) In40
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) In40

Health: 140 Karma: 110
Resources: Ty Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Rodent Physiology: Splinter is a human that was mutated into a humanoid rat. His body gives him the following abilities:
-Enhanced Senses: In Hearing, Sight, Smell
-Night Vision: Rm ability to see in near-total darkness.
Stealth: In

Walking Stick: Ex material, Rm Blunt
Katana Sword: In material, Rm Edge

Talents: Weapon Specialist: (Katana Sword), Oriental Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Survival, Detective/Espionage, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Bi-Lingual: (English, Japanese), Calligraphy, Japanese History, Japanese Mythology, All Martial Arts, Escape Artist, Thief, Instructor

Contacts: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, Ninjara, Oyuki Mamisha