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Intergalactic Wrestling

Intergalactic Wrestling is an intergalactic professional wrestling circuit based on the Stump Asteroid. It is managed by Stump and his partner Sling. The Ninja Turtles were brought to the Stump Asteroid by Cudley the Cowlick, there they were introduced to Stump and his financial partner Sling.

Stump explains to the Turtles that they have been chosen to represent their quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Stump presents the brothers with a deal, wrestle against one of his wrestlers and be allowed to return home. The Turtles reluctantly accept his offer as they see that they have no other choice.

They are introduced to their opponent Cryin' Houn', a four-armed alien dog, the current Intergalactic Wrestling champ - "the really terrific" Ace Duck and finally their old adversary Leatherhead, who (just like the Turtles) had been swapped up by Cudley on Earth just as he was plummeting to his death. Soon after that they are given new wrestling outfits and the matches ensue.

The Turtles start of against Cryin' Houn' and Leatherhead wrestles Ace Duck, both the Turtles and Leatherhead beggin their matches coming up short, Cryin' Houn' easily fends off the brothers using his four arms and Ace Duck just as easily defend against Leatherhead. However, when Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael get slammed by Cryin' Houn' Leonardo pulls himself together and kicks him out of the ring, at the same time Leatherhead has gotten hold of the over-confident Ace Duck and throws him out of the ring, the two colliding in the air.

After the match Cudley seems to experience some intestinal problems and hurls up the Turtles weapons which had been taken from them previously. Instead of continuing with the match-up they force a deal on Stump telling him to send them and Leatherhead back to Earth, Leatherhead however wishes to stay on Stump and become a wrestling hero, Cudley then takes the Turtles home.

Later, as the Turtles search for the Turnstone on the planet Hirobyl they once again meets up with Cudley the Cowlick who comes with a proposition from Stump. If the Turtles agree to do one more wrestling show for Stump Networks they will be granted a few more people to help them find the Turnstone. They accept the offer and Cudley spits out Leatherhead, Wingnut and Screwloose and Trap but the gang is soon surrounded by Malignoids sent out by Maligna, an accomplice of Krang's.

Just as the fight with the Malignoids ensues a bunch of flying cameras emerge on the scene and the gang realizes that this is the match they signed up for earlier. The Turtles, Leatherhead and Trap takes care of the alien insects while Wingnut an Screwloose fights Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady in the air above. They finally defeats the Malignoids as well as Shredder and his boys but not before Leatherhead is thrown out of the battle by a couple of Malignoids. Soon after that Cherubae and Leatherhead return with the Turnstone and they destroy the cameras, effectively ending the broadcast, much to the disliking of Stump and one special young viewer. What they didn't get to see was that Cherubae sent the bad guys of to different locations throughout the universe, she sent Bebop and Rocksteady to the Eden-world, Shredder ended up in a prison back on Earth and Krang wound up on a waste site on the planet Morbus.

Once again, the Turtles, Master Splinter and Ninjara who are tracking through the desert are picked up by Cudley and taken to the Stump Asteroid. There, Stump offers them a deal in which Cudley will take them anyplace, anytime, if they just accept one last challenge from him. Naturally, they do it after the advise from Splinter and Ninjara. In the locker room, the Turtles meet up with their old pals Trap, Ace Duck and Cryin' Houn'. Trap explains what kind of a "special match" Stump has put on, the Turtles will have to wrestle each other and the winner of the match-up will face El Mysterio.

With Trap as acting referee, he tells the audience that the show will have three matches before the main event. The first match of which is Ace Duck against Bloodbath, a match that ends in a cloud of feathers.

In the main event, the Turtles wrestle one another beginning with Raphael taking a sheep-shoot at Leonardo, followed by Michelangelo delivering a kick to Donatello. The bout continues and Raph seems to come out on top, but is ultimately pinned to a three-count by Donatello, who is thrown into the next match immediately. Facing El Mysterio, Don realizes that this mysterious wrestler is none other than Cryin' Houn' in a different costume and a Spanish accent. Don takes down the giant with an ankle-lock and gets him down for the three-count.


Ace Duck
Cryin' Houn'

Supporting Crew:
Cudley the Cowlick

Former Wrestlers: